Xylitol CAS NO 87-99-0 For Food Grade

Product Name:Xylitol
Appearance:White Crystal Powder
Product Properties: Easily soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol and methanol, the melting point of 92 ~ 96 ℃, boiling point of 216 ℃. 10% aqueous solution pH5.0 ~ 7.0.
Packing:25KG Plastic-Paper Compound Bag

Product Detail


-Xylitol has effect on weight loss, glycuresis and pneumonia.

-Xylitol can prevent decayed tooth and improve the immune ability of the body.

-Xylitol can promote the action of the salutary germs and improve the immunity of body.

-The cake making with xylitol can keep soft longer than making with the saccharose for its humectant.

-Xylitol can absorb more calory than other polyols, so the food making with xylitol has a cool taste and keep the original food flavor.

-Xylitol is bad for the microorganism, it can't be fermented by the yeast; the food making with xylitol can be kept for a long time without any preservative.

1, health sweetener: xylitol sweetness of sucrose, extracted from natural raw materials, is a natural health sweetener, can be used in sugar-free food, sugar free candy and other healthy food.

2, prevent caries: xylitol can't be in the mouth bacteria fermentation using dental caries, dental caries prevention features works best in all the sweetener. Can be widely used in all kinds of oral care products.

3, prevent blood glucose: xylitol without insulin affect glucose metabolism in the body, don't need insulin to promote, also can through the cell membrane, absorbed by the organization. For a person with diabetes sweetener, nutritional supplements, and auxiliary agents.

4, improving liver function: xylitol can promote the synthesis of glycogen yuan, reduce the consumption of fat and protein in liver tissue, make the protection and repair the liver, improve liver function in patients with liver disease and fatty liver, the effect of treatment of hepatitis of sex of hepatitis b, hepatitis b, chronic hepatitis and liver cirrhosis have obvious curative effect, is an ideal auxiliary drug hepatitis complications of patients.

5, weight loss function: xylitol compared with ordinary granulated sugar, has the advantage of low quantity of heat, xylitol contains only 2.4 calories per gram, 40% less heat than most other carbohydrates, thus xylitol can be applied to all kinds of food reducing weight, as a substitute for sugar of high quantity of heat.

6, improve gastrointestinal function: xylitol can promote the bifidobacterium proliferation. Promote proliferation of beneficial intestinal flora, improving gastrointestinal function, has the very high activity, is a kind of promising functional added factor.

7, hygroscopicity, used to make some dim sum, softer than sucrose be moist, soft and for a longer time, at the same time to extend the shelf life of food, such as making cake, bread, etc. Can be used as a cosmetic class wet adjustment, no stimulus to human skin.

8, strengthen the palate: edible can produce nice cool and refreshing feeling in the mouth, when after freezing effect is better, can be used in the comfort of cold drink, dessert, milk, coffee, etc. Also can use in health drinks, throat drugs, cough syrup, etc. Still can add peppermint, spearmint, etc. The food flavor.

9, prolong the shelf life: xylitol by yeast fermentation, is bad for microbial culture medium, sweet lasting, so it can prolong its shelf life.

10, do not produce the maillard Browning reaction: xylitol is no aldehyde group and ketone group in the structure, heating does not produce the maillard Browning reaction, can be made into different flavors of baked goods.



Reference Standard



White or almost white, crystallinepowder or crystals


Infrared absorption


Easily dissolve in water, slightlysoluble in ethanol

Melt point

92 °C - 96 °C.



Other Polyol (on dry base)

≤ 1.0%

Reducing sugar

≤ 0.2%


≤ 0.5%

Residue on ignition

≤ 0.1%

Heavy metals,

≤ 10mg/kg


≤ 0.5 mg/kg


≤ 1 mg/kg

Total count

≤100 CFU/g



Yeast & Mold

≤100 CFU/g


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