Bulk Amino Acid L-Arginine CAS NO 74-79-3 for Food Grade (AJI/USP)

Product Name:L(+)-Arginine
CAS NO.: 74-79-3
Appearance:White crystalline powder
Product Properties: After being recrystallized from water, it loses crystal water at 105 ℃, and its water solubility is strongly alkaline, and it can absorb carbon dioxide from the air. It is soluble in water (15%, 21℃), insoluble in ether, and slightly soluble in ethanol.

  • Product Name: L(+)-Arginine
  • CAS NO: 74-79-3
  • Product Detail


    L-arginine is one of the 20 amino acids that build up protein. L-arginine is one of the non-essential amino acids, meaning it can be synthesised in the body.

    * L-arginine is a precursor of nitric oxide and other metabolites. It is an important component of collagen, enzymes and hormones, skin and connective tissues. L-arginine plays important roles in the synthesis of various protein molecules; creatine and insulin being the most easily recognised. L-arginine may have antioxidant property and reduces accumulation of compounds such as ammonia and plasma lactate, by-products of physical exercise. It also inhibits platelet aggregation and has also been known to decrease blood pressure.

    L-arginine, when consumed, is converted to nitric oxide which aids in the relaxation of blood vessels. The effect is better blood circulation in the body and especially in the extremities; specifically the genitalia. For this reason L-arginine helps in stimulating and maintaining erection. Men with erectile dysfunction benefit especially from the intake of L-arginine rich foods or l-arginine supplement.

    1. L-Arginine can be used as nutritional supplement; flavoring agent. For adult non-essential amino acids, but the body produce slower, as the essential amino acids for infants and young children, certain detoxification. Heated reaction with sugar available special flavor. Infusion of amino acids and amino acids essential component of preparation. GB2760-2001 provides for the use of food with spices.

    2. L-Arginine ornithine cycle is an integral component, has an extremely important physiological functions. Eat arginine, can increase the activity of liver arginase, helps the blood ammonia into urea and excreted out. Therefore, arginine for hyperammonemia, liver dysfunction and other diseases quite effective.

    3. L-Arginine is an amino acid base pairs, for adults, although not essential amino acids, but in some cases, such as immature or organism under conditions of severe stress, the absence of arginine, the body can not maintain positive nitrogen balance and normal physiological function. Lack of arginine may lead to the patient if the ammonia is too high, and even coma. If infants with congenital lack of certain enzymes of the urea cycle, arginine it is necessary, or can not maintain its normal growth and development.

    4. L-Arginine important metabolic function is to promote wound healing, it can promote the synthesis of collagen, it can repair the wound. Secretion of fluid in the wound can be observed the increase of arginase activity, which also shows that the wound in the vicinity of the arginine requirement substantially. Arginine can promote micro-circulation around the wound and promote wound healing as soon as possible.


    Product Name: L-Arginine base  
    Reference standard: AJI92

    Package: 25kg/Drum




    White crystalline power

    Assay ,%               min


    Specific rotation[a]020

    +26.9to+ 27.90

    State of solution,%      min

    Clear and colorless 98.0

    Loss on drying,%         max


    Residue on ignition,%     max


    Chloride (as Cl),%        max


    Sulphate(as SO4),%       max


    Heavy metals (as Pb),%    max




    Ammonium (as NH4) ,%   max


    Iron (as Fe) , %          max


    L(+)-Arginine  CAS 74-79-3 L(+)-Arginine

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