DL-Alanine CAS NO 302-72-7 for Feed Grade

Product Name:DL-Alanine
CAS NO.: 302-72-7
Appearance:white powder
Product Properties: Colorless to white odorless needle-like crystal or crystalline powder.Has a sweet taste.Taste threshold is 0.06%.The recrystallized from water-ethanol solution is rhombic crystal system, and the recrystallized from water is acicular crystal or crystalline powder.The pH value of 5% aqueous solution is 5.5 ~ 7.0.Melt and decompose at 295 ~ 300℃.Stable chemical properties.It can be converted to L-lactic acid in the presence of nitrite.Soluble in water (16.72g/100ml, 25℃).Slightly soluble in ethanol.Optically free.
Packing:25kg/drum or as per customer’s requirement

Product Detail


It is mainly used as nutritional supplement and flavoring in food processing industry. It can also be used in the medical industry.
It has a good freshness and can promote the effects of chemical flavorings;
It has a peculiar sweetness and can improve the taste of the artificial sweeteners, improve the sourness of organic acids and the flavor of vinegar;
Its sourness may help salt enter vegetables, improve the quality of salted or sauce-pickled vegetables, cut short the pickling duration and improve the flavor;
It can be used as a corrector or buffer in the composition of wine or soft beverage, can prevent bubble wine from ageing and can decrease the odor of yeast;
Its function of antioxidation can be used in food processing. For instance, it can be used in oils, yolk jam, purified foods, sauce-pickled foods, and bra -pickled foods. It can both protect them from oxidation and improve their flavor;
It can be used as a raw material for Vitamin B6 synthesis and material for the research on metabolism of amino acids by medical organisms or on a biochemical basis.

DL-Alanine is used as nutrition supplement and seasoning.It could improve the flavoring taste and enhance the sour of organic acid.

DL-Alanine give the middness and middness and richness food taste,brings out natural flavor of food.

DL-Alanine is used to synthesize other amino acid and chiral pharmaceutical intermediates.

DL-Alanine is used for animal food for better intake.

DL-Alanine could be added in pickles,kimchi,drinks and wine.

With a special sweet taste,DL-Alanine can improve the artificial sweetener,the acidity of organic acid and the flavor of vinegar.

With sour,DL-Alanine could make salt fast tasty,to improve the effect of pickled vegetables and pichles.It could shorten the curing time and improve the flavor.

As sour correction agent and buffer in synthesis of wine and drink,DL-Alanine could prevent foaming wine aging and reduce the smell of yeast.

With antioxidant properties,DL-Alanine could be used in a vatiety of food processing,such as oil,egg yolk sauce,grains,soy sauce dipping food,rice bran preservend food.

DL-Alanine could both to prevent oxidation and also to improve the flavor.





White Crystal or Crystalline Powder


98.0 – 101.0


95.0 Min

Loss on drying(%)

0.5 Max


0.2 Max


6.5 – 7.5


0.04 Max


30.0 Max

Heavy metals(ppm)

10.0 Max


1.0 Max


2.0 Max


0.5 Max


0.5 Max

Other amino acids

chromatographically not detectable

DL-a2 DL-a3

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