DL-Methionine CAS NO 59-51-8 for Pharma Grade (USP/EP)

Product Name:DL-Methionine
CAS NO.:  59-51-8
Appearance:white crystalline powder
Product Properties: Melting point of 276-279 ℃, Soluble in water, Very difficult to soluble in ethanol, Almost insoluble in acetone ethanol.
Packing:25kg/bag , 25kg/drum or as per customer’s requirement

  • Product Name:: DL-Methionine
  • CAS NO.: : 59-51-8
  • Product Detail

    DL–methionine (Abbreviated Met) is one of the 18 common amino acids, and one of the eight essential amino acids at the animal and human body. It is mainly used as feed additives in fish, chickens, pigs and cows meal in order to keep animal and fowl growing healthily. It can improve the milk secretion of cows, prevent the occurrence of hepatosis. Besides, it can also be used as amino acid medicines, injection solution, a nutritional infusion, the agent of protective liver, the therapy liver cirrhosis and toxic hepatitis.
    DL-methionine can be used in the synthesis of medicinal vitamins, nutritional supplements and feed additives.
    DL-methionine is one of the main components of amino acid infusion and compound amino acid. DL-methionine has anti-fatty liver function. Taking advantage of this function, the synthetic medicinal vitamins can be used as liver protection preparations.
    As essential amino acid of the human body, DL-methionine can be used as a nutritional supplement in food and preservative processing such as fish cake products.
    Be added to animal feeds, DL-methionine can help animals grow quickly in a short time and about 40% of their feed can be saved.
    As an important component in protein synthesis, DL-methionine has a protective effect on the heart muscle. At the same time, DL-methionine can be converted into Taurine by sulfur, while Taurine has a very obvious hypotensive effect. DL-methionine also has a good function for liver protection and detoxification, so it is commonly used in clinical treatment of liver diseases such as cirrhosis, fatty liver and various acute and chronic viral hepatitis. It has a very good effect.

    In the life, DL-methionine is high in foods such as sunflower seeds, dairy products, yeast, and sea algae.












    clear & colorless









    Heavy metals(Pb)



    Other amino acids


    Loss on drying



    Residue on ignition



    CAS-59-51-8-1 CAS-59-51-8-2

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