The latest use of Allulose, the rising star of sugar substitutes, in the US market

Allulose is a new type of sweetener that has attracted much attention in the American market in recent years, and it is regarded as one of the most potential sweeteners because of its many unique advantages.


Characteristics and advantages of allulose

Allulose, a hetero-isomer of fructose, is a simple sugar that occurs naturally in very small amounts; therefore, it is also called a rare sugar. It is found in natural foods such as fruits, raisins, figs, kiwifruit and brown sugar, and is a white powder in aqueous solution as a clear, colorless liquid.

Advantages of allulose:

1. Low calorie

Allulose is one of more than 50 rare sugars found in nature. It is about 70 percent as sweet as sucrose, but far less caloric, only one-tenth as sweet as sucrose. Allulose can increase plasma insulin concentration, reduce blood glucose level, increase liver glycogen content, reduce body fat accumulation, and avoid the occurrence of postprandial hyperglycemia in diabetic patients. In the experiment, it can also inhibit the activity of photosynthetic in the liver of mice and reduce the accumulation of abdominal fat, which can assist weight loss. Therefore, it is a very ideal sucrose substitute for obese and diabetic patients.

2. taste close to sucrose

In terms of taste, allulose has a soft and delicate sweetness. Pure sweetness, which is very similar to high-purity sucrose, can stimulate taste buds slightly faster at the beginning than sucrose, and there is no bad taste during and after consumption. Its sweetness will not change with the temperature change, in a variety of temperatures, can show pure sweetness.

3. high safety

Allulose is regarded as the best substitute for erythrocyte by European and American scholars because of its similar sweetness and safety compared with sugar alcohol. People have a certain tolerance to the intake of various sugar alcohols, otherwise they would have different degrees of purgatory effect, but allulose does not have such a situation, and has no effect on metabolism and blood sugar levels.

4. It has high stability

The structure and characteristics of allulose are extremely stable, with strong chemical inert, and can maintain the original state under acidic or alkaline conditions. The stability is higher than sucrose, and it is convenient to be used in a variety of foods with rich nutrients and complex raw materials.

5. Better antioxidant capacity

In the field of food processing, the non-enzymatic reaction or sacylation of lysine residues of reducing sugars and proteins is called the Maillard reaction, which produces macro-molecular protein cross-linking aggregates and small molecules that form various flavors, aromatics and colors during food processing. Compared with fructose and sucrose, allulose and egg albumin not only form better cross-linking structure and improve food texture through Maillard reaction, but also produce substances with higher antioxidant effect, which can reduce the oxidation loss in food processing and storage. The foaming function of egg white protein can be enhanced by adding allulose in aerated food, and it increases with the increase of stirring time. In cake, allulose can produce a lot of antioxidant components through Maillard reaction, which can effectively improve the quality of cake.

6. Natural source

Because allulose is rare in nature, it is not suitable for industrial production of chemical synthesis, and chemical synthesis will produce more by-products, high cost and high pollution. The general preparation method is by biosynthesis of glucose, which produces a relatively single product, which is a natural product and also meets the psychological needs of consumers. Allulose was approved as GRAS substance by FDA in 2011. It is believed that in the future with the gradual improvement of regulations in various countries, allulose will also be used on a large scale like Stevioside.


Latest applications of allulose

The vast majority of allulose-related products in the U.S. market are marketed as health foods with vegetarian, gluten-free, ketone-friendly, non-GMO, and low-carbohydrate labels.

Because they are similar in taste and properties to sucrose, allulose is a good substitute for sucrose, especially in coffee, cereals, and baked goods. There are also a number of allulose table canes on the market.

Post time: Jun-15-2021