Allotone sugar ushered in a major good news!


What is aloxone, an ideal substitute for sucrose? What are its features?

We have shared an article about sweeteners, introducing their advantages and industrial applications. It pointed out that the development of sugar-free and low-sugar foods and beverages is fast in the world, and the development of natural non-nutritive sweeteners is getting more and more attention, among which aloxone is regarded as an ideal substitute for sucrose.

What is aloxonose

Alloketose is an isomer of fructose, a monosaccharide that occurs in very small amounts in nature. It tastes similar to sucrose, but has far fewer calories. Compared with D-glucose and D-fructose, aloxonose also has a stronger ability to scavenging reactive oxygen species.

Because aloxone is rare in nature, it is not suitable for chemical synthesis and industrial production, and chemical synthesis will produce more by-products, high cost and high pollution. The general preparation method is by glucose biosynthesis, the product is relatively simple, and belongs to the natural product, but also meets the needs of consumers. Allotose was approved as a GRAS (American Additive Safety Indicator) substance in the United States in 2011.

Alloketose is a natural ingredient found in fruits and foods such as raisins, figs, kiwifruit and brown sugar. It is a white powder and a clear colorless liquid in aqueous solution. It is stable at room temperature and pressure. Aloxone can provide a satisfying sweet product for dairy products, beverages, baking products, confectionery, etc.

The characteristics of aloxonose

Allowone has a soft and delicate taste, and its initial stimulating rate is slightly faster than sucrose, and there is no bad taste during and after consumption. Its sweetness does not change with the temperature, at various temperatures, can show the pure sweetness. In general, there is a tolerance to the intake of various sugar alcohols, which would otherwise have varying degrees of purgative effect, but this is not the case with aloxone.

The structure and properties of allocose are very stable, with strong chemical inert, and can maintain the original state under acidic or alkaline conditions. For example, when aloxone is mixed with citric acid and stored for 30 days at heat preservation, no invert sugar is found, which proves that it cannot be decompose by organic acids or vitamins.

As a sweetener, aloxone has been considered safe in many countries and has been prescribed for use in a variety of foods. Such as used in milk, fermented milk flavor, cakes, tea drinks, jelly and other products, not only food safety is high, and the product stability is good, taste similar to sucrose, at the same time only provides low energy, by the weight loss crowd welcome.

Post time: Jun-28-2021